Mini Challenge #5

For this Mini Challenge, the queens had to style a wig in a goddess form of their choice.

Gentlemen, start your engines, and may the best woman win!

Bijou Bentley



☾☾☾ hey it’s miss bijou and i’m the goddess of soft grunge tumblrs ☾☾☾

i’m the goddess in charge of watching over the hipster girls with their oversized grandpa glasses, big flowers, photos with filters, deer antlers, beach-y windblown hair, floral boots, high-waisted shorts, and cute tattoos.

i’m the one who magically hooks your “we heart it” account to your tumblr.
i’m the one who puts yellow text over old television and movie screenshots.

and i’m the one who watches over to make sure you really do follow back when you promise to.

who cares about the back of my hair, nobody ever sees it in my selfies.

#indie #tattoos #nerd #flowers #soft grunge #pastel #photography #hipster #vintage

Wicca: I think you had a cute theme and represented it quite well. I definitely got what you were going for right away. That said, nothing about the wig particularly excited me. I saw it and thought, “that’s cute,” but when I got done looking at everyone’s submissions and was reflecting back on them, I couldn’t for the life of me remember what you did. I think you could have made the look more impactful somehow. It was a good job, but as the competition narrows and tightens, good won’t be enough when other girls are great.

Nicole:I thought the concept was very creative and unlike any others. I thought that as a whole it did look soft grunge, but if you took away your accessories, it would just read as big drag hair, not soft grunge. I do think it is very well put together and I like where you were going with it, it’s just not really as styled as I hoped it could have been.

Fawn: Your concept is cute and funny, but you forgot one thing in your description:  ☯✞ Follow for more Soft Grunge ✞☯ with a link to your blog~ I like that you included elements of your chosen goddess in the wig, but I don’t care for the wig itself. When I think grunge, I think of dip dyed hair, ombre, pastel colors, and bleach. It’s pretty rare to see a grunge girl with natural colored hair. Other than that, I think you did a great job of portraying the Goddess of Soft Grunge blogs.

Cyber Larose



Sedna, Mother of the Deep

Sedna is both the goddess of the deep sea and the ruler of the underworld in Inuit mythology.  In one legend she infuriates her parents so much that her father takes her out to sea in a kayak and tosses her into the ocean.  Clinging to the side of the kayak, he severs her fingers causing her to sink to the bottom of the sea and into the underworld where she becomes both the ruler of the underworld and the ruler of the monsters of the deep.  Her lost fingers become the animals that the Inuit hunt for food.

I used this story to create a wig that I found fitting to represent Sedna.  It mentions the “monsters of the deep” which makes me think of the horrible, giant creatures lurking miles and miles beneath the waves; creatures with long, grasping tentacles and unrelenting wrath.

I styled my wig to have a wave of distinct curls off to one side to represent those tentacles and I pinned an octopus into the wig to give it some extra flair.  The octopus is sitting upon many black feathers as if it were jetting away, leaving an inky black cloud in its wake.

For the back I added a few loose pin curls to create more tentacle-like shapes and I swept most of the hair to one side to create the bulk of the “tentacles” you see in the front.

Wicca: I really liked your wig a lot, and definitely saw the whole octopus ink cloud thing going on. When I first saw your wig, I was impressed, but reading your description of what you were going for, I’m not sure I saw much in the way of deep sea. I was getting more Edgar Alan Poe and less Mariana’s Trench. Maybe it was the somewhat feathery texture at the top. That said, I still love the styling and I think you really gave us something new.

Nicole: When I first saw this, you took my breath away Miss Cyber!  I love this hair! I appreciate your will to do makeup even though it wasn’t part of the challenge and I think it makes the look overall more cohesive. The style of the hair is a little messy, but it’s maintained messy which always looks amazing.  I love the little octopussy makin an appearance in the weave.  Basically I love all of it and I think you did an outstanding job on this mini challenge!

Fawn: I almost didn’t recognize you in these pictures. This is very different from your typical style of drag, and I like that you’ve giving us something new. I love your concept and the story that goes along with it. The wig itself fits your theme very well, but the accessories are really what make it stand out. This wig is definitely something I could see on the antagonist in the next Little Mermaid sequel, and I think it suits you well~

Enigma Pierce

For this mini challenge I decided to go with “Goddess of schizophrenia” as my theme. As y’all can see one side is very calm, tamed and sleek and then the other side is an explosion of ratty ass putridness (which I mopped from one of Alaska’s finest trash bags!)

And since I my skin ain’t looking too cute when I’m out of drag, I decided to do a very simple and fishy makeup look.

Wicca: When I first saw your pictures, I had no effing clue who you were. What a true transformation. As for the wig… I’m not a fan. I didn’t get schizophrenia out of it—and I’m not sure that of all your infinite possible choices that this was the best one to choose. Overall the wig just looked matted and messy. I think the biggest problem was your theme choice. You didn’t give yourself much of a chance to succeed.

Nicole: Omg. When I first saw this I was like “Wtf?” Then I read the description and realized “Ohhh that’s not Enigma’s face!” You’re a cute boy so you shouldn’t have covered it up tbh. As for the actual style of the wig, I’m split on how I feel. I love the volume of this piece and think that from the front it looks phenomenal. However, in the back it looks like dreadlocks which is completely different from what you have going on in the front. Also, I don’t think it follows the goddess theme you had going for it. I thought maybe the Bipolar Goddess would have made more sense for what you were describing. Overall, it’s okay, but I’m not a huge fan of it.

Fawn: Between the makeup and the big blonde hair, you look a lot like Patsy Stone from Absolutely Fabulous. I think that’s a good look for you. I’m really not crazy about the wig (no pun intended) and I think it could have been executes a lot better. It fits your theme, but it wouldn’t have been able to stand alone without the description. I wish it was accessorized more.

Homely Pop



I am the goddess of the ratchet. When you decide to wear Crocs out of the house, I am there. When you decide to throw your hair in a messy bun on top of your head, I am there. When you are too drunk at the club to walk straight, I am there. I am the goddess of the people that don’t care what they look like and still have the confidence to werk their hideous mix-matched outfit. When your pants are too tight and give you a muffin top, I am there. When I can clearly clock your lacefront from across the room, I am breathing down your neck. I love the ugly. I love the trashy. I am the goddess of all the ratchet people that twerk constantly.

Wicca: Finally, a goddess for Bon Queef Queef to believe in! Imma be real blunt here. I don’t like it. It looked like you pulled apart a bunch of Raggedy Anne doll weaves and stuck them together. If you were the goddess of creepy children’s toys *maybe* I’d be able to get on board with this, but otherwise, I was quite disappointed because I know you’re much more creative and talented than this. Kisses and best wishes boo boo.

Nicole: Girl… I understand that you’re having a hard time right now, but I can’t believe you actually turned this in. The wig just looks like it’s sitting on top of your head which makes it look like more of a strange firecrotch hat than a wig. It goes with your theme well, I’ll give you that, but I think you just threw something together and just decided to call it ratchet instead of going in with a solid concept then styling. I think it could have been a better piece if there were accessories thrown into it. Overall, I do not like this wig and I just can’t.

Fawn: As always, your concept and description are hilarious, but did you even try with this wig? I think it could have had potential if you accessorized it or tried to make it over-the-top “ratchet”, but this just looks like Alaska Thunderfuck as Ronald McDonald, to be perfectly honest. You have so many cute fantasy wigs. Why this one?




I am Goddess Midas and I have unfortunately acquired the gift of turning everything I touch to gold. As you can see in my hair, there is a poor bird that landed and as I went to swat it away it turned into pure gold and I have not been able to get rid of it. My beautiful braid also turned to gold when I touched it, so ever since then I never touch my hair and let my servants keep my hair so pretty. As for my crown, well I loved nature and created this laurel, but I was so tempted to touch that I forgot about my power.

When I saw that we needed to be goddesses for this challenge, I instantly thought of a grecian goddess which is why I went with big wavy hair. There are three wigs up in here and so many pins. It’s very asymmetrical which I like and I spray painted this bird gold to match my theme :) Hope you like

Wicca: I love this wig. It’s a little simple, but it’s extremely effective for a few reasons: 1) You chose a Greek legend to base it off of an chose what (to me) looked like a very stereotypical Grecian goddess wig to work with as a base. 2) You accessorized your wig with gold of multiple varieties. And 3) You have a golden bird on your head. Enough said. Well done

Nicole: Basically, I’m in love. I think that this was styled very well and was one of my favorites. I love the curls, I love the accessories, and I just love it all. I think that your attention to detail has definitely helped you in this mini challenge and I think it will take you far. I could see a professional drag queen wearing this out to perform. One of the best in my opinion and you certainly are a hair queen.

Fawn: Everything about this wig is gorgeous, from the hair itself to the style it’s in to the gold accessories. It reminds me a lot of Roxxxy’s wig from the Goddess-themed promo pictures and I think we can all agree that wig was flawless. Your concept was good, your story was cute, and you obviously have a lot of skill when it comes to hair styling.

Ruby Swallows



I am La Déesse de l’amour, The Goddess of Love.

Red is one of the colours to symbolise love, specifically the more passionate side, so I’ve gone for a soft, but dramatic style, swept over to the side in a high quiff with cascading curls and a couple of roses on the side for good measure. Plus, Ruby’s are red, it was fate!

Wicca: Alyssa Edwards dipped her weave in Kool Aid! I think the wig is lovely. I wish you had accessorized it more, though. I think it was a well-styled wig, but there wasn’t enough to it other than its colour to convey your theme. So close, just take it that one step further.

Nicole: I really love this wig. I love the volume of it on the top and the loose curls on the side. I think you did this look very well. I love how it is assymetrical and you put the accessories on the side that wasn’t filled up with curls. Only thing I wanted you to fix is just your coloring of the accessories. Since the wig and the flowers are almost the same color, it’s a bit hard to see them. Just a tip for the future: contrast. Other than that, I really love this hair and I think you did an extraordinary job.

Fawn: I love this wig. It’s like pageant meets punk and it’s asymmetry done right. I think the rose hairclips were a great way to accessorize for your theme (I have the same ones in black) and this is definitely something that could be worn outside of this mini challenge. You’ve been very impressive in these past few challenges. Keep up the good work~

Tomi Perry



For this wig design challenge I wanted to create a wig inspired by the «Goddess of Radioactivity». I was inspired originally by the Tchernobyl nuclear catastrophy by doing an atomic mushroom shape. I incorporated an aluminium bow to give a cute but also industrial feeling .

Wicca: I’ll start by saying, I really like this wig. I think it would have suited Bijou’s theme better than her wig did and better than the theme you were going for. It’s a pretty wig that looks good on you, but nothing about it says radioactive or Chernobyl.

Nicole: Is this Week One again!? This totally reminded me of District 13 and I think it could have worked well for then and as of now. I do like the style of this look and I think it works with your goddess theme. I love the bangs, the color, and the messiness of this wig. Only thing is I think it would have looked better if it had more length within it. Since it’s so voluminous, it would look better with some length. Other than that, you did a good job and you sure can style a wig girl!

Fawn: This wig is definitely something I’d wear out. I love the color, I loved teased hair with straight bangs, and the bow is very cute. I don’t really get radioactivity from it and I think it could use a little re-shaping in the back, but otherwise it’s adorable.

Ultruh B. Violet



For this mini challenge I transformed into Discordia, the Goddess of Chaos and Pandemonium.  Aesthetically, I was inspired heavily by the idea of a head of flames, much like Hades from Disney’s interpretation of him in Hercules. Its constructed out of 2 wigs, on on the inside holding the structure up and the purple wig featured in my monochrome look.  My own hair is sprayed black and weaved in creating the large voluptuous purple “flame” I was going for.  If I were you, I’d give me high markings, lest you invoke my wrath and release all chaos and pandemonium onto your poor mortal souls.

Wicca: I like the hair. Simple and effective. And I definitely see the Disney version of Hades in it. It’s also a wig that stays very true to your personal style. I’m not sure it beats out some of the other girls who accessorized their wigs more extensively, but I really love it.

Nicole: I want to first applaud you for being the only girl to mix your real hair with a wig! I think it works very well together and looks sickening. I’m always a fan of darker pieces, so you’re pulling on my heart strings a lil’ bit with this look (and Wicca’s a bit too since it sort of reminds me of Ursula ;) ). I really like the style and I think it shows that you certainly put a lot of effort into this. I also appreciate you getting in drags for this look because we all know girl that shit takes time! Overall great job! I love.

Fawn: Hades from Disney’s Hercules was actually the first thing I thought of when I saw this wig. It’s definitely flame-like and I love the structure of it. Your natural hair really helps give it that gradient flame appearance, but the front is obviously a lot more blended than the back. Since makeup was not required for this mini challenge, we won’t be taking it into account when voting, but I do want to comment on how well that eye shadow works with the wig.

Velma Belle



My hair goddess inspiration would be a goddess of the forests. I chose to style my hair in a cute and simple way like how I imagine a little woodland fairy nymph frolicking in a field walking children in nature would wear her hair but i gave her a glorious crown i think a nature goddess deserves. my makeup (which i did before it was stated that drag makeup was not required) is minimal because i wanted to look more natural, so i left out the nose contours and heavy cheek contours.

Wicca: You’re like the poor man’s Lana del Rey! In a good way. I love me some Lana and the crown gave me Born to Die realness. I think your wig very clearly reflects your theme and I think the colour choice was good. I know makeup was not part of the challenge, so I’m not taking it into consideration when judging you, but I will say that even natural looks need highlighting and contouring *sideeyes you*.

Nicole: WOW! I just want to start by saying you definitely have the best use of accessories HANDS DOWN. It definitely follows your theme quite well and you did an excellent job. It reminds me of a super glam flower child in the 60’s and I love that. The head piece and the style of the hair is giving me a little bit of vintage Lana and I am a huge fan of hers. It definitely shows you put a lot of effort into your look, especially that headpiece. You did an outstanding job and you blow my mind more and more every week (well maybe not last week ;) ).

Fawn: I love this color on you and I really like the way you accessorized your wig. The crown is elaborate and the colors all work well together. It definitely looks like something a fairy would wear. I like the way the wig is styled and the ladybugs were a cute touch. Your theme was simple and well represented. Good job~

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