Mini Challenge #3

For this Mini Challenge, the queens needed to create a makeup look that incorporated one or more school supplies within it.

Bijou Bentley



As an art student, I had to go with an art supply. I just so happened to have a canvas that I knew had a tear in it anyway, so I painted myself, then literally painted myself, and shoved my head on through. I think it’s a cool look and it’s definitely something different for me. I didn’t use any color in my cheeks or lip so that the two colors I did use would really stand out. I think that this powerful because drag really is walking art.

Wicca: I like this look a lot. The colour combination is perfectly elementary (as in elementary school, not elementary dear Watson) and also fashionable. I hope the paint you used on your face was nontoxic… My main issue here is that the paint is the only supply you really used. I know the canvas is a school supply as well, but it’s an accessory, not part of your makeup look. You still look sickening though and I could totally see the second picture in a magazine.

Nicole: I really like this look. I think that it was really creative and definitely gave us something new to look at. I like the blue and yellow accents you had in the look. They were very bold and you had achieved what you wanted in doing that. Typically, I don’t like the cheek contour where you connect to the corner of the mouth, but here it looks good mainly because you mad the insides lighter than the rest of the contour. I know you were trying to make the rest of your makeup neutral since you had the yellow paint and the blue across your eyes, but your lips need something on them. Even without it, it looks fine, but I think it would have really pushed it over the top (in a good way) with a bright yellow lip. For your use of school supplies, I thought it was creative, but it was definitely expected since they are art products. I feel like there wasn’t enough school supplies since you really only had 2 main ones. Even though you had only 2 school supplies, they did manage to be the most attention drawing items in your look, so I appreciate that. Overall great job, but I think that there should have been more added to this.

Fawn: I really love this concept, especially the piece about drag being walking art. You look beautiful and I love that you used such a strict and well-balanced color scheme. My only critique is that you sort of took the easy way out by using paint as your school supply. Paint, glitter, stickers, and glue are all school supplies, but they are also commonly used in drag. I would have like to see you incorporate something more difficult, but that being said, this is easily one of my favorite looks from this mini challenge.

Cyber Larose



For this week’s mini challenge I worked with paperclips, sticky notes, and a silver sharpie.  I was definitely inspired by the color silver and used it to create a monochromatic look.  My eyebrows were constructed from sticky notes and silver sharpie and I gave my lips a slight injection of sharpie as well!  I also created earrings and necklaces out of paperclips.  I’m very pleased with how everything came out and I hope that you all enjoy it as well!

Wicca: I’m not sure how healthy using sharpie on your skin is, but you looks good! My only problem with the face is the liner of the bottom lip. You can still see your natural lip prominently, not the artificial lip you drew. I also think that in terms of school supplies, you relied too heavily on your jewelry, which is not part of the makeup. We asked for you to include school supplies “within your makeup look.” So while the jewelry is sickening, it’s an add-on. You get bonus marks for it, but the face probably needed more supplies/more use of your supply.

Nicole: I love this look that you came up with, definitely one of my favorites. My favorite part was the jewelry made of paper clips. I thought it was creative and a good use of school supplies. For the other items you used, the post it notes and sharpie, I think you did a great job. I love the eyebrows that you did. The lips look great, but just make sure in the future when you over draw your lips to make the outside edge darker so it will make it look like it is your actual lip. The eye makeup is on point. I typically don’t like a non-blended crease, but you actually make it look really good. Something I wanted to point out was your nose contour. You definitely improved it and I’m proud of you for that. The only thing I want you to do different is at the top of the contour, I want you to make that lighter. I don’t know why, but the harshness at the top looks strange to me. Other than that, you did an amazing job Cyber. You had an amazing mix of school supplies, the look was creative, and it could have worked great even outside of this challenge.

Fawn:  I wish this had been your submission for the monorchrome mini challenge, because you look fierce~ I love the color scheme and your makeup looks great. I appreciate that you incorporated the school supplies in a way that it doesn’t look like you’re using any, but at the same time, that kind of defeats the purpose of the mini challenge, which was to showcase the school supplies as a part of your look. Rather than basing your look around them, it looks like you tried to blend them in. My favorite part of your look is the paper clip jewelry, because even though it isn’t a part of your makeup, you repurposed the school supplies as something new instead of changing them into something else.

Enigma Pierce

The idea I had behind this look was that I am an arts and crafts project. I glued bits of paper on my face and I covered my head in that paste kids use when they make their crafts.

I didn’t want to look like a normal project of like a normal child, I wanted to look like the project of that one quirky weird kid in the classroom (which was  always me).

I didn’t want to go for a polished look. I wanted to look as rough and as weird as possible!

Wicca: I don’t like this look. I didn’t get school supplies from it at all. You kinda looked like a monster from an 80s horror flick. I just… I don’t get it. I was kinda scared and wanted to send you to the guidance counselor.

Nicole: Oh my god. Honestly, when I first saw this I was scared. I will applaud you on your creativity of the paste and using the paper. However, I do not like this look. I feel like if you wanted to effectively do something like this, you have to maintain some of the typical characteristics of beauty. I think it’s because out of drag, you have very manly characteristics, so it’s almost impossible for you to do something like this without looking more like a boy. I know drag isn’t about female impersonation or all about looking like a woman, but you have to admit that is a main component to it. I think that you had a creative concept, but it didn’t play out well. I will say, something I did like was the under eye eyelashes you drew on. They looked cute and I think that would look really good on a different look. Overall, I don’t like this look, but I think that it was creative.

Fawn: Well, if you were going for quirky and weird with your contours, you definitely achieved it. You look kind of like a clay sculpture that was made by a middle school art student, so all the proportions are off. I love the concept of turning yourself into an art project, but aesthetically, I don’t really like this look. The only part I do like is your eyes. Are those lower lashes painted on?

Homely Pop



Today is the first day of Drag Kindergarten for little Homely Pop. As a cute little sometimes asian girl, Homely loves her Hello Kitty and all things pink and hella kawaii. You know I had to incorporate my love for cats at some point, and showing off to all of my future classmates is the perfect way (I avoided using the cliche purrrfect tbh). I used acrylic paint on my eyebrows, I have several writing utensils tucked in my wig, I used sidewalk chalk to contour in a few places, paper for facial accessories, children’s stickers, and my stuffed fat cat for someone to love on when I get scared on my first day of school. I painted my nails all by myself without any help from my drag mom (so it’s a little messy). I felt like a nice black cat eye would be perfect for this KITTY CAT CUNT LOOK. All pink everything serving Hello Kitty twerkability let’s be real.


Wicca: I think this look is super cute. I think the eyes were a little bit plain, but everything else was good. I also appreciate your creativity with the concept.

Nicole: I thought that you had a really cute kitty concept. You know I love kitties like you, so I’m glad you were able to showcase that in one challenge. I think that the makeup you did was pretty simple, so it wasn’t something that excited me. However, you made up for that with your use of props and supplies. My favorite part was the paper as whiskers. It was so cute and I loved it. I think since this was supposed to be a more kawaii japanime type thing, based off the hello kitty, you could have done a more japanime look. You would have been the coolest kid in kindergarten if you had :D I like the pink color scheme that you had, except I didn’t really like the wig. You should’ve asked to borrow Stixen’s February Realness wig for this challenge. For your use of school supplies, I think that you had a good amount of them in there, but you didn’t play it up like you could have. Most of the supplies are resting on your ears and I would have liked to see you use them more. Overall great job and cute concept, I just wish you would have used your supplies a bit more.

Fawn: You look adorable, and I love that you incorporated so many different school supplies into you look in a variety of ways. Those eyebrows look good for acrylic paint and I never would have guessed that you contoured with chalk. The cat whiskers were a good way to incorporate another school supply and add something of interest to your look. The first day of school theme was very cute, and I think your description did a great job explaining every part of your look and the reasoning behind it.




School is so tiring and I never have time for it. So the only way I can make sure I’m on top of things is to make it into my daily wardrobe~ I always want to look my best and super kawaii <3

For my school look I went with ganguro inspired makeup. If you don’t know what ganguro is [x], it’s a japanese trend and it seems very rebel like to me. My makeup is very dark as you can see, but I wanted it to look dark so you can see certain things. I added some glitter acrylic paint to my cheeks and I added some stickers because if you don’t have lots of stickers in class it means you are a horrible student, and I am always the best. I made myself a crayola lipstick, however it came out more like a pink gloss so I thought it would show best with the lighter lips. As for the rest, I did small details in my hair to make it look cute, I used a paper clip to hold some of my hair in place, added some scissors here and there. I wanted to keep it a bit cluttered like a ganguro girl yet keep it a bit simpler if that makes sense? Hope you like~

Wicca: I just don’t like this look. I know what you were trying to do, and I applaud your creativity there, but I don’t think it worked. Your makeup kind of looks like a panda-human hybrid in blackface. It was just messy and kind of tacky. Like I said, I get what you were going for, maybe I just personally don’t like that style, idk. Homage to a trend is fine, as long as that trend has a good aesthetic, which I think it doesn’t. I like the hair though. And you did do a good job of pulling off multiple supplies into your makeup, so kudos there.

Nicole: I’m going to be honest with you Liz….. I love this look. I think that you did a great job of incorporating school supplies into your look and the concept you had with it was something I thought was interesting. I heard about the ganguro trend through YouTube, GlowPinkStah if you know who that is, and I thought that it went well with your concept. I thought your description for it was very funny; my favorite part was the part about the stickers. You are certainly a good student at the Tumblr’s Drag Race School for Girls ;) Overall, great job, fun concept, and good use of school supplies. P.S. Wicca’s stupid; it’s not black face.

Fawn: I recently started getting into Japanese fashion, and even though ganguro isn’t my favorite trend, I think you pulled it off well. Like I told Bijou, paint, glitter, glue, and stickers are all school supplies, but they are also used in everyday drag and they are kind of a cop out when it comes to this challenge. That’s why I’m happy that you also incorporated scissors, paint brushes, pens, and other hard to use school supplies into your wig. I like that you gave us something new with your makeup. Ganguro is something that I’ve never seen a drag queen do before and I actually really like it. I do have one critique with your makeup though, and that’s the white band around your jawline. That’s not a part of ganguro makeup and it’s something I’ve noticed in a few of your past looks. I know I mentioned this in your critique for the last main challenge, but since those results came out after you submitted this look, I won’t hold it against you this time.

Ruby Swallows



Initially, I struggled with this challenge. I didn’t want to do anything that might have been too obvious, but eventually I settled on this rather understated, but difficult look.

On my lips I have used pieces of paper that I have cut-out using a hole punch, above my eyebrows I’ve stuck the tops of pencils, my earrings are from two ring-binder writing pads, and the pièce de résistance are my eyelashes, which are pencil sharpenings. I nearly injured myself with this little b*****ds. Simple, but effective.

Wicca: This look was interesting. Kind of like lesbian secretary. Well, with pencils jutting out of her skin. This look for me was only okay. You met the criteria, but didn’t do anything that was particularly memorable to me in comparison to your competitors.

Nicole: I thought this look was really simple. If you took away all of the supplies, you would just have a plain girl when this is a drag competition. I know drag isn’t all about the big, over the top things, but that’s definitely what most people are attracted to when they think about drag. I want to challenge you to be more draggy! You pretty much look like you do out of drag here, especially since you choose to go wigless. I understand that this is a mini challenge, but just remember this competition is about drag. For your use of supplies, I really enjoy what you did. My favorite part is the tops of the pencils. It looks like they are jutting out of your skull, girl! I also like the spiral notebook earrings, I thought that was a cute touch. Overall, I like this look but I think that you were very simple. Just in the future, I would like for you to do more dramatic drag and less librarian school teacher ;) I say this out of love

Fawn: I’m impressed by how many different elements you managed to use in different ways! The pencil tips above your eyes were a very unique idea and they work well with the pencil shaving eyelashes. I actually really like the hole-punch paper lips and I’d kind of like to see them as a part of a regular drag look. I think the glasses were a nice touch. Combined with the short hair, they make you look like a teacher. I wasn’t going to clock you for not wearing a wig, since that’s not required for makeup mini challenges, but your natural hair actually works with this look. Your makeup underneath all the school supplies is very simple and clean and doesn’t take away from the unique elements of it. Well done.

Stixen Stones



“I’m the baddest bitch in school.”

My original thought for this look was Britney Spears, in her “Oops, I did it again” music video, which inspired the shape of the hair and the costume (ala, the dress shirt with the peakaboo bra). From there, I decided to add a little edge, with the motorcycle jacket and the snake bites (which i made from paper clips) and then adding a rockabilly curl into the hair.

I decided that, if anything, Stixen would be the bitch in the back who drew eyes on her eyelids so she could sleep in class.  I used circle reinforcements to achieve this effect. I also used a light brown marker as the base of most of my contouring, as well as a highlighter for the base of my eyelid color. I also used white craft paint for my eyebrow highlight, as well as some arts and crafts stickers to create my eyebrows.

Wicca: The look was okay. Idk I wasn’t super impressed by it. It seemed a little messy, particularly the eyes. I like the snakebites though. The other thing that kind of bothered me, even though it’s probably pretty minor, was your pose in the second pick. Drag is (often) about female impersonation, so when you have a prominent Adam’s apple, it’s not a good idea to pose in a manner that enlarges/emphasizes it.

Nicole: I loved your concept! I liked the eyes on the lid thing for this type of challenge (unlike miss Saya Nara last cycle). I think that you did a pretty good job with the look. However, I think that you should have went bolder. For the lids, or here the false eye, I think you should have made it whiter so it looked more like an actual eye. Also, I think that you could have used your supplies better. Looking at it initially, I couldn’t see what your supplies would have been. I had to read your description to figure it out. I do like the supplies you used, but they were to subtle here. Also, just a sidenote, I think that since I told you to improve your nose contour you improved it. It looks way better than it did initially in the competition. Also, I know I’ve said this before, but I live for your cheek contour. Overall, you had a great concept, but you didn’t execute it as well as you could have.

Fawn: It’s creepy how much those look like real eyes. The circle reinforcements were a great idea and a very unique school supply to use. I totally forgot those existed until now. I like that you created a character to go with your concept and gave her a personality. The paper clip snakebites were a cute idea and I really like your cheek contours in this color. This critique is not for this look specifically, it’s just a critique I want to give before the next main challenge. A lot of your wigs look very… wiggy. Regular synthetic wigs really don’t cost much more than a wig from Spirit Halloween, and they are much nicer and easier to style.

Tiffany Epiphany



You told us to go back to school and I decided to go WAY back! Back to the 80s. The first school supply I used was paperclips, you can find them all over school and fashion them into all sorts of things, such as necklaces and ear ring decorations! I also used a rainbow pencil, because colored pencils are a must for any school supply list. Taking an art class you might need a ruler, I kept a ruler handy to help with my makeup, and if you look in my eyeshadow you can find a silver star! Why not gold? Because, of course we are competing in this mini challenge for the silver!

Wicca: I’m really impressed. I like this look a lot. I totally got 80s from the look. The eye makeup is really great. HOWEVER, the school supplies are pretty much just in your accessories, not the makeup. The challenge was to incorporate the supplies into your makeup.

Nicole: I think that in this look, you look very much like an 80’s arts and crafts teacher. First, I just want to say that you have definitely improved your eyebrow covering skills. However, something I still want you to work on is your damn nose contour girl! Here, it looks like you didn’t do anything to it at all. I want to see more drama from you Miss Epiphany because here you just look so plain. You look so fishy no matter what, but even if being fishy is your shtick, you still need to do fishy drag. Now that that’s out of the way, I think that this look is cute. For your use of school supplies, I think you certainly have enough here! Only thing is, they’re only used as props and accessories, not actual pieces of your makeup. It wasn’t all about using them for a makeup look, but that was certainly a part of it. Overall, I think you did a good job Tiffany, but you need to step up your drag, especially with some of these queens because they are fierce.

Fawn: When you said you were going way back with your look, I was expecting Lisa Frank, gel pens, and those weird pencils where you take the tip out and put it back in through the top. I like your use of color and explanation of the school supplies you used, but it seems like you focused more on turning them into jewelry and props than making them a part of your makeup, which was the challenge. Makeup wise, I like that you’re trying new things and for someone who just started covering her brows, you’re pretty good at it. I’d still like to see play more with your contour and highlight and really work on changing the shape of your face with makeup. I’m not gonna clock you for not wearing a wig, since this was a makeup challenge and wearing a wig was not necessary.

Tomi Perry



I found an old mini-dictionary English-French translator , I thought it would be perfect to incorporate those little pages to my look . 

I took pages from that dictionary and used them as contouring , for my brows and I glued pages on my lashes to give a camp/dramatic look .

Back in my school years reading was already fundamental and being sassy was a part of my school life , that’s why I’ve chosen to glue words on my skin . I think I created a never seen before look (at least in that competition ) .

I wanted my second picture to look funny because I was the funny guy at school , I always did imitations of my teachers voices . 

Those years were amazing for me !

Wicca: At first I was like… ummmm why is there newspaper on her face? Once I read it was a translation dictionary it make a lot more sense. I think the look is decent, but it didn’t blow me away. I like the brows and lashes, but I’m not a fan of the contour. Because contours are meant to be dark and recede, putting the paper there—which is white—counteracts the whole point of contouring!

Nicole: I think that this look is creative, but simple. I loved how you had a English/French translator in this look. I thought it was funny since you are from France. I like the use of it for eyebrows and a cheek contour, but I hate it on the eyelashes. It makes it look like you have a wonky eyelash especially in the second picture. For your use of school supplies, I think that it was a good supply to have, but since you only did use one supply, you should have done more with it. The main problem with this look is that it’s so simple. Simple can be good, but for this competition you need to step it up more. In the Main Challenge this week, I want to see high drag from you! You are very good at simple things, but I want you to go over the top bat shit crazy. Do not disappoint my queen!

Fawn: I really like this look, and the use of a French-English dictionary was a very cute idea. I like that you incorporated the pages into your makeup, but didn’t try to make them blend in. You made them the focus of your look and that’s exactly what we asked for. You didn’t use as many different supplies as some of the other girls did, but sometimes it’s best to keep it simple.

Ultruh B. Violet



I was in math class today and just like omfg could this teacher be any MORE boring.  Out of desperation to stay awake I pulled out my glitter nail polish and started to paint my nails.  Pretty nails will get you SO much further in life than the quadratic equation ever will.  Then suddenly my stupid teacher yelled at me to put them away and it startled me SO much that I knocked all of my glitter nail polishes over.  I put them away after that and tried to listen but it was no use, I was asleep before she could even tell me what X really did equal.  when I woke up I had all this glitter and paper stuck to my face!!  like OMG.  I’m never gonna get it off before I have to meet Danny Longerscholong under the bleachers at lunch!!! D’:

Wicca: I like this look. I’ll be honest though, your description made no goddamn sense haha. Maybe it’s just cause I’m really tired. Your look is good though! Unlike a lot of the girls, you actually used the supplies IN YOUR MAKEUP. The lips where a little bit kooky and disturbing, but liked them. I love the Crayola sticker on your face too. Overall, a really good look.

Nicole: For this look, I think that you did a pretty good job. I like how you made it one side pretty much completely craft and the other, with the exception of the lips, normal drag. It was interesting and caught my eye. My favorite part of this whole thing is that you had the patience to make a damn eyelash out of paper. I thought it was funny and quirky. I like the glitter running from your eye. It’s very cool and reminded me of a rocker chick, or Ke$ha ;) Basically, I love me some Ultruh. This look was creative, had a great blend of school items, and caught my eye.

Fawn: I loved your description and the way you turned it into a story. That shows creativity. A lot of the other queens used paper on their face, but you’re the only one who did paper lips and you’re the only one who used notebook paper, as far as I can tell. I can’t tell if the glitter under your eye is actually glitter nail polish or craft glitter and glue. I wouldn’t consider nail polish a school supply, but the other two would be.

Velma Belle



Alright for this mini challenge the school supply I used was an eraser! I have streaks of my face wiped clean from the makeup, across my eye/eyebrow, over the bridge of my nose, on both cheeks, and across my lips. Last minute detail was the eraser shavings stuck to my face haha hopefully this will be the last time I have to glue stuff to my face!!

Wicca: This look killed me. Your creativity is always impeccable. I love that you used an eraser and then took it further into actually developing it into a concept. However, your eye makeup needs work. It was messy and the shapes were wrong. And make your contours more prominent!

Nicole: VELMA. You need to be put in jail because you are murdering these bitches with your creativity. Hands down the most creative bitch in this competition. The concept for this look is GENIUS; I would have never been able to come up with something like this. I think your use of school supplies was the most creative and definitely had us gagging. The eye makeup for this look also is something different. I’ve never seen an eye shape like that before and I think I like it. I would have just like to seen more blending. Also, this is just sort of a pet peeve thing of mine, but I really dislike when girls draw on brows with a color that doesn’t match their hair. In the future, please just do that for me! Other than that fantastic job. Lastly, I know that I have commented on your nose contour before and I just want to say that it is improved. Just work on making it more noticeable and getting your lines straight. Overall, in love Velma. You are certainly the underdog and you can kill these bitches with your creativity.

Fawn: This was a very creative concept and I love the way you executed it. I’m also happy you actually glued the eraser and the shavings to your face, since that’s the only thing keeping it in line with the challenge requirements. I really like the shape of your eyebrows (even though half of one is missing) but I think you still need some practice covering your real ones underneath. I gave you some tips for how to do this in my critique for the last main challenge, and if you still need help with it, there are plenty of tutorials on YouTube. Eyebrow coverage aside, you are getting better with makeup and your concepts are always very unique. Keep up the good work~

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